Tuesday, 24 March 2015

This greenhouse build is driving us nuts!

I usually write with enthusiasm about anything in the garden, but this flat pack greenhouse build is doing "our heads in"!..  Seven days (took weekend off) of messing about from 10 till 4 each day and we are still playing around with the frames.  The doors were built twice, (and there are double doors) and we were still puzzling and adjusting when we found a note that said "these probably won't slide easily until you put in the glass to give the doors weight".
Engineering son rang with supportive advice, neighbours pop in with cheery advice, and we are on chocolate biscuit packet no 2 and hot cross bun pack 3.

When will it end?  Really feel we should have paid the nice man at the garden centre to do the build.  Is there a difference between being thrifty and being really silly???

At least we have had some sunshine days and managed to have afternoon tea in the garden. Then enjoy some really beautiful sunsets this week.

In the front garden which is more sheltered by hedges and trees we seem to be developing some lovely patches of violets.  I have not seen the like for many years, I remember banks of these in the woods of my Hampshire childhood.


  1. You get there in the end,it's nice to see the violets I love them.

  2. I agree you will get there in the end and it will be a tale to tell for many years.....


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