Monday, 2 March 2015

Weather forecasts

Its a very windy day here in North Norfolk and the lunch time weather forecast says it is 23 mph.  What does that mean when I look out the window?  I see trees thrashing about, twigs blowing off, any rubbish flying in the air, and its difficult to walk!   I am not sure that is 23 miles per hour.

In the past weather forecasts used the Beaufort scale to actually describe the wind force - I think today is definitely  " Whole trees in motion. Effort needed to walk against the wind..  Force 7.  Its a pity the forecasters don't use this nowadays!

Well, it is so windy two things have been delayed - I refused to battle down to the village to pick up my prescription and the last lot of hedging which arrived today is going to stay in the packaging till tomorrow. In this latest selection my husband has included a dog rose, which is one of my most favourite hedgerow plants.  When I see dog roses I know its a full British summer to enjoy.

Dog Rose Plants (Rosa canina), Bare Root, 60-90cm, 2-3′

We are developing a wild hedge and small copse at the end of our land and we are hoping our mix of planting in the grasslands develops wildlife and flowers as well.
It may take several years to develop.


  1. Does the dog rose produce fruit? Its been very windy in Essex too. I was working on the quay this morning and I was struggling to hold a door open in the wind! I've postponed planting some things out until this wind drops.

  2. Hi You could get rose hips on them in a good summer. During WW2 rosehips were gathered and made into syrup for the vitamins. Last weather forecast tonight is looking like spring will arrive next weekend - 15C!!!!

  3. one of my favourite puddings at school was rice pudding or tapioca with rose hip syrup. We are in for more snow and freezing rain today here in our part of the world {SIGH}. So will be hibernating again today I reckon.



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