Saturday, 18 April 2015

Economic Lamb buy

I sometimes hesitate to buy expensive big things in the fortnightly shop but my last purchase of a leg of lamb turned out to be good value.  The fresh meat was on offer so it was £7.58 for quite a large "lump" for the two of us.
Day 1 - roasted with a sprinkle of rosemary.  Lots of roast veg and greens.
Day 2 - 200 gms sliced off and diced and added to a basic homemade curry sauce
Day 3 - busy day in garden so at lunch time broke the joint in the leg and shoved the whole thing in the slow cooker. Added some stock, roughly cut a bit of celery, half and onion and half a carrot and emptied a nearly empty jar of sun-dried tomato paste and red lentils and left on high. Came back later and diced in some potatoes, mushrooms and slung in some peas before rushing out again. Lovely tender meat and the extras were filling at the end of a busy day.
Day 4 - Quite a lot of meat and stock at the bottom of the slow cooker so put this in a casserole to get thoroughly hot before adding some nice fluffy dumplings.
Each meal with veg used with stock cupboard bits and pieces averaged £2 for the two of us. They were filling main meals too.


  1. Your meals sound wonderful, we don't eat much lamb, but you have got me thinking about it.

  2. Lamb is very expensive here in Canada; love it but rarely have it. Your meals sound lovely.

  3. It is a recent change for us. I never used to like it and found it greasy but lately it has either improved or my cooking of it has!



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