Thursday, 16 April 2015

Poly tunnel covered!

At last the dawn broke with no wind. No sun either, and quite a lot of drizzle.  But as we were both sneezing from some kind of allergy overnight, we went out to the  damp field determined to get the poly tunnel covered!

Calling on our friendly neighbours there was a steady pull to raise the cover by 10 am. 

The rain stopped mid morning and the sun came out so by 4 pm the sides were fixed and the plastic batterned round the doors. There are side panels to be fixed and fitted to a system that rolls them up and down, plus the doors need to be covered too. Another day's work and it will be up and running!


  1. Looking good. Are you going to have beds in there?

  2. Put the deck chair in there today as it was warm and cosy! We have loads of tomato plants ready to go in there and some strawberries.


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