Monday, 27 April 2015

Poly tunnel gardening

Our poly tunnel is up and running at last. There are some bits to do on the roller screens on the sides which we have left as netting at present but it is up to 26C in there!
Here is our first plate of food - some salad leaves from a potted on seedlings I put in there a week ago.

My husband dug the side bed and centre bed - and it is nearly all planted up!
In the centre bed I put in a courgette, 4 ball pepper plants, 2 chilli, 2 cues, 6 strawberry plants,2 tomatoes, a basil plant,  two wigwams of mangetout peas, short rows of seeds - spring onions, baby carrots, spinach, radish.  All little bits of yummy stuff to fill out the meals! My husband put in a row of stocks for cut flowers,  8 moneymaker toms and about 12 lettuce plants in the side bed.  Over the other side we will grow things in pots this year.  We wanted to be sensible with the amount of digging.
Outside in the veg garden things are progressing but it is still so dry here,  Got some more things to go in but all this work with a hose for an hour is a bit time consuming!

All this gardening means the house keeping is a bit behind. We had a backlog of veg not getting used so I quickly made some leek and potato soup and a some parsnip soup.  Had some for lunches but half went in the freezer for another day while we carried on with the salad and more perishable items in the fridge. Now its nearly empty but I discovered the eggs had got out of rotation and we were a bit past the use by date stamped on them!  Scrambled eggs and a sponge took care of that. Will be going for a real clear out of the fridge before the next shop!


  1. Your poly tunnel looks great, and so much growing in it.

  2. I have a long weekend off so I'm planning on getting some plants in situ in the greenhouse. I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the courgettes I cannot get them to germinate!! :0(

    1. They do need quite a bit of warmth to get the seeds going or you could try to soak them a little before putting in compost to soften them a bit?

  3. looking good, you're going to be up to your eyes in veggies soon, which will be a good thing!!



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