Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What's on your local bus?

Jumped on the local bus to Kings Lynn yesterday afternoon for a quick bit of necessary shopping and was delighted with a new project on the bus.  There was a series of local "postcards" showing nice views/locations and a short paragraph of local history. I must have been the only "newbie" on the bus as I got a few strange looks twisting round to read about Walpole!

Have you spotted any of these projects on your buses?  I wonder if there is a "set" to collect?

 I did enjoy Poems on the Underground a few years back and somewhere in one of the bookcases I have an anthology.

I popped into one charity shop and purchased £2.50 worth of curtain material in a nice summer cotton fabric.  Not for curtains but the material will make a nice dress, as I want to try out how to put shirring elastic in my new machine. The reel of elastic cost 80 p so it won't be a costly experiment!

While I was at the sewing show in London I did add to my material stash and brought some children's fabric and 2 metres of a nice peppermint print. 4 meters in total for £12.

 I felt I could afford it as a very nice thing happened to me. While I was in the queue to pay £9 to get in a complete stranger tapped me on the shoulder and offered to take me in on her free complimentary ticket. She had no one to go with and did not want to waste the ticket.  Was that not kind?

Shall I continue the saga of the greenhouse?  We finally got in glazed, one piece was 4mm too wide and one small triangle snapped in two when it was lying on the workbench in the sun.  But the rest went in fine after yet more phone calls to the manufacturer to ask why the diagram of the glazing clips was different to the ones in the pack?  'Cause they changed them months ago but had not updated the instructions!!! The "better" ones needed a complex move to get in and they sent a u tube video to explain how. More frustration and another phone call to the garden centre who said, no it was not us, ignore the video and put them in another way as it worked better. I kid you not we were at the end of our tether!
What happened next?
65 mph winds for two days solid.
Two panes blew out.
The glazing clips kept popping off and we had to check the thing every two hours to put them back and secure the glass!
When we and the weather have calmed down we are going to find a way to strengthen and secure the fixings!


  1. what a flipping saga with the greenhouse. Is the company going to replace the glass for you free of charge?

  2. Bet you wish you had never thought about having a greenhouse! Thank goodness the wind has dropped today, hope you get growing ASAP

  3. My friend dreads windy weather as her panes fly out all the time. She did purchase a special glue but the pressure just breaks the glass. She said the main problem is the automatic roof vent opens when the sun is on it, the wind gets inside and blows the panes out. Touch wood we haven't had that problem with ours as its a little more sheltered. You will get hours of enjoyment out of it though.

  4. The plants have migrated from the conservatory to the greenhouse at last! Never thought about the auto opening thing and the wind as last time we had that feature we had a very sheltered garden! If I was not spending all my complaining time in dispute with the funding for continuing care part of the NHS I might find some energy to complain to the greenhouse company!



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