Thursday, 7 May 2015

Complete change of the weather, sewing and a magazine mention

After the long dry spell it was great to get some rain. Could have done without the wind though. The white Montana Clematis that had just covered the garage roof and was about to flower was ripped up and rolled up like a duvet!  The blackbirds had been nesting in the sides and their nests are now 3 feet under the growth. Hope they are all right, the birds are still around looking for worms in the lawn and stealing bits of my aubrieta for nest material.
I had just rebuilt my scarecrow and it went out for a road test in 50 mph winds!
In preparation for the damp coming we had spent the last good afternoon (Sun) putting in some more pea seeds, swede and parsnips and planted, with great hope, the first french and runner bean plants, sweetcorn and some lettuce!  If it is mild these will give us some early crops, if not, we have some back ups on the way. The wind abated today and had a look earlier today and they had all survived the weather but the pigeons had been at the french beans - scarecrow was taken off his chimney pot and put on guard on the veg plot! Our neighbour showed us the 4 rows of his peas the pigeons had been at - or rather he showed us the empty space. They had all gone!

While it was raining I took some time out to do so re-organizing of my sewing room and finishing up some sewing projects. I found a baby's sun hat that needed a lining.

Made a sewing "pyramid"  (a storage box for a basic sewing kit) from instructions in a May Martin book (Great British Sewing Bee).

I quite liked this furnishing fabric ( a scrap given to me) which I matched with some purple material from my scrap box.  All the other bits like the string, beads and paper fasteners were all just hanging around in various storage boxes.
I then made another string of bunting. I used a different pattern this time that was a sharper triangle (from and some material from my recent trip to the sewing show in London.  The pattern is cheeky monkeys and will be for my lovely grandson who is growing rapidly and improving his crawling techniques ( we get to see lots of his development via his Dad's facebook video clips).

 When I got back from voting and was just as I was going for a sit down with a cup of coffee today my Sew Magazine turned up and on the readers letter page was my contribution and photo.  That was a nice surprise.


  1. Well done on the magazine mention and the sun hat it looks lovely.

  2. Thanks! I am eagerly awaiting my "prize"!

  3. Thanks for the flags. They have been put "up" around the bottom of his cot - well within grabbing and pulling distance of the floor.



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