Monday, 25 May 2015

VisitingThetford and Bressingham Gardens

Been away with family in Thetford area enjoying a weekend  break. The forest is lovely,
We saw some lovely deer close up - sorry no photos as my camera is not that good.  I did capture Henry the  (partially) tame heron that hangs about the river bank in the centre of Thetford. Apparently he was hand fed after the river was polluted some time ago and is fed whitebait daily now. A rather nice riverside area if you are ever in the town.
We also went to Bressingham (ignoring the Wyevale garden centre) and headed straight for the steam trains and exhibits.  Where 11 month grandson really enjoyed his first experience of grand parents and steam trains!
Eventually we escaped from grand parenting for a visit to the wonderful perennial gardens. You have to be a certain age to remember Adrian Bloom on gardening programmes in the 1970s!  The gardens were lovely and we must revisit later in the year to see the full glory of the flower beds.
 On the way home we visited a boat dealer and looked at some Drascombe Luggers. A boat we have long coveted. We are trying to decide if we can cash in some retirement funds and have some fun!  All our automatic watering systems worked while we were away and crops had made some progress. The veg garden was a bit dry as there had been no showers and it felt a bit too cool to encourage sweetcorn or courgettes we had planted out to make much progress.  Still I harvested a couple of radishes and a little gem lettuce to supplement the food delivered by Sainsbury's five minutes after we came in the door.  I am really liking this internet grocery shopping as it saved a tiring trip to the supermarket on the way home!


  1. Sounds and looks wonderful. I love gardens they give me do many ideas.

  2. Husband is planning a larger perennial bed already! Grandson is lovely little chap crawling well and I helped him develop some standing up skills. Granddad taught him to use his wooden hammer and peg toy - we like to annoy his parents!

  3. the gardens look lovely and what a cutie your grandson is.


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