Thursday, 28 May 2015


I had just about finished the weeding today when I pulled the bucket out from the store to collect the last bits I found a tiny, tiny fledgling blue tit nestled in the bottom.
Eventually it flew off to the elderflower tree quite happy.

Having finished the weeding I had to find another job and spent an hour washing the windows and the car!

Everything is beginning to grow well in the veg garden and fill out.  I love the allotment art of Chris Cyprus (do have a look at his web site) and I was pleased to see sonme pictures with some bird scaring bottles on sticks which is one thing I do. They rattle and vibrate.  But my veg plot/allotment is never going to be as neat as those in the pictures. Besides the bottles, I have half a dozen sainsbury carrier bags tided to sticks - their bright orange fades after 3 weeks but they make a lovely rustling noise in the wind and seem to be keeping the pigeons and peasants off!!

Hoping for some showers this Friday just to bring a few things on in the garden.


  1. I'm hoping for the rain, other wise I will have to get the hose out.

  2. I've had to use a fleece on a few bits and pieces to keep the pesky birds from eating the leaves. The sparrows had a lovely feed on he beetroot leaves. I'm going to have to make some bird scarer's.



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