Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunflowers and recycling the tool storage

Did you see those sunflowers Monty Don was planting on Gardeners World this week?  There was a quick 2 second flash on them and by the time I had exclaimed they focused elsewhere!  They looked long and straggly and should have been planted weeks ago as they were terribly pot bound! What were they thinking - not the best gardening I have seen?  No wonder we have started to watch Beachgrove gardening programme!! My sunflowers have been out for weeks and have made good  trunks having survived two major windy storms and thunder and lighting. I certainly wont be putting in 4" tree stakes Monty Don was suggesting!   Some of mine are about 4 ft high and planted against the fence over which I hope they will put there bright shiny heads and brighten the view for our neighbour as she recovers from her latest cancer treatment.

Our boiler has finally given up the ghost and the plumber is preparing a quote. In addition to the inside work he needs to move the  tank and condemned the current one as too rusty!  When we retired here we deliberately kept money in hand for this and we did get the place quite cheaply due to some issues. After a debate and lots of thinking about how far from buildings, fences and access you can be we decided to reuse the concrete base of an existing shed. The shed was grotty anyway and blocks the kitchen light  So we negotiated some space in one of our neighbours garages for temporary storage of some boxes (in exchange for lettuce) and set to today to rearrange the most needed tools into a brick outhouse. When people talk about recycling they always forget to tell you pulling stuff other people have abandoned years ago out of old sheds and barns is dirty work!  Recycling starts with a hose!
Couple of hours later this old piece of furniture, some old shelf brackets and some lengths of wood and  old fencing which became shelves were installed at one end of the outbuilding/shed and tools started to get placed.  Not a penny spent on this project so far - if you discount the cost of the two Magnum ice lollies we rewarded ourselves with at 4pm.

Still a lot of work to do as we are demolishing the shed over the next week. But we are hoping to recycling the old metal corrugated iron to the scrap metal dealers with the oil tank and any wood will be cut up for firewood for next winter. by which time the plumber should have the quote at least!  Cant spend any longer than a week on this as it is the two youngest grandchildren's first birthdays in the following two weeks and we have parties to attend!

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  1. Its always so satisfying when you get a job done and dont have to find money. I ultilise stuff all the time.



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