Friday, 5 June 2015

Vegetabes developing well

The early areas of vegetables are developing well from the seeds sown fairly early.
Beetroot nearly ready for thinning (some baby ones for the pot), parsnips and carrots all filling out. We have put tagetes and onions along the carrot row to discourage the carrot fly - rather do that than have more sticks and net and string all over the place protecting the crop!

Further down bare earth is still visible between rows - but it has rained this morning and with some sun it should be a good growing day!
The swede is doing well despite early flea beetle attack but the turnips are patchy, I did re sow the row and the second lot are coming up well. More tagetes and then some celeraic - they are very slow growers!

Meanwhile, I have my spoon and cream ready in the kitchen for this first strawberry blushed with red in the poly-tunnel.
The first few pickings of beans, small cos lettuce and radishes (value £2) have not yet had much effect on the grocery spend but I am expecting a drop in the average £65 per week spend soon.


  1. Your garden looks lovely, such joy waiting for your first real harvest.

  2. I'm getting excited too. Hubby keeps digging stuff up to check. Naughty naughty. :0)



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