Saturday, 11 July 2015

Broad bean injury

I have had to stop all activities that involve fine motor movement of the right hand this week, including typing! I was working my way rapidly through 3 buckets of broad beans one day - breaking the pod with a twist, popping the beans out and into a bowl and flicking the bean case into a bin. Great rhythm but somewhere in the third bucket I became aware of a level of numbness in my thumb. I had stirred up an old RSI problem which took two days to stop hurting in the thumb area but still tingles in the lower arm muscles. It was painful just to chop onions for a few days!
Who would know broad beans were dangerous?
Unfortunately there are 4 more buckets on beans to do. Even my husband is begging for a change. Fear not darling - the peas are ready to harvest!

While needing a rest it was my birthday so we went over to the North Norfolk coast road and for coffee and cake at the Yurt restaurant at Thornham and on to Brancaster for a paddle.

My favourite advert has just appeared on the TV. The Great British Bakeoff does Sound of Music! Ace!

I have invented a dish for lunch.
Starting with some bacon (left over, bits of diced cooking bacon or panacetta) in a dry pan, add some garlic cloves and onion, toss till soft. Add a bit of olive oil and add as much sliced courgette as you can fit in. Fry gently till golden, adding some cumin, coriander, paprika. Throw in half a dozen tomatoes (or half a can) and some stock. When it is all soft and cooked through throw in your greens - mangetout, peas, small broad beans etc  This large frying pan full makes a lunch for two.  It uses up a lot of veg fresh from the garden!
Must stop typing as the arm is tingling again!


  1. Happy birthday. The yurt looks great. Hope you feel better soon. I'm just starting to collect broad beans. I only want small ones.

  2. I dont like the big ones - but my husband insists on leaving them growing on a bit. I prefer peas!



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