Monday, 13 July 2015


We had planted plenty of bee friendly flowers among our veg to attract pollinators and in the flower beds near the house.  It does seem to be working as we spend a lot of time dodging bees busy doing their thing. The busiest bees have been elsewhere though. The grass areas in our field area have developed big patches of flowering clover and the bees love it! But we do have to walk a zigzag path up and down the field to avoid stepping on the bees!
We were having a cuppa near one flower bed when I asked my husband how bee friendly antirrhinums were as they did not have open flowers and no particular scent?   He was doubtful but a few minutes later a bumble bee came by and showed us how it used its weight to open up the bottom of the snap dragon and slip inside completely for a minute or so to get at the pollen.

Image result for antirrhinum
We have finally got to the end of the broad beans, about 40lbs in the freezer, and the last carrier bag load went next door to our friendly and often helpful neighbours. Husband has started to dig over the area ready for a new crop of something for the late summer - though not sure what!  We have moved on to peas and rather a lot of courgettes. Made courgette soup for lunch. Twice as much courgette as potatoes is the basic recipe and then I stirred in some Stilton cheese.
We are currently researching what to grow in the poly tunnel from Sept to Dec to extend the growing season give us fresh food.  It seems we could get in french beans and beetroot as well as potatoes and salad leaves, 


  1. Bees are oh so necessary but they can quite literally be a pain as well. I've got bee friendly flowers in my garden but when Jack (my gardener) opened the shed last week he discovered that the wasps have once again built a nest there. Needless to say he got stung bit fortunately only once.

  2. When relaxing I tend to walk around my garden with no shoes. Bad habit I know. I've lost count of the number of times have almost stood on a bee busy collecting nectar from the clover. They love it. I need to wear shoes.

  3. I love the bee's and only grow single flowers with open flowers to attract them, I also have a family of hedgehogs, so I have not had any problems with slugs this year.

  4. Not seen any hedgehogs here but my husband's camera trap has captured a deer, hare and a fox now!



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