Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A nice day out

My husband has been selling some unwanted extras that came with our car - a dog guard and a rear step which had to come off when we had a tow bar fitted. On the profits we had a nice day out on The Broads.  We visited our boat at Potters Heighnam to bail out the rain but we have to sort the engine out before we can take her out. So we went on to Hinkling Broad to have lunch at the pub and explore the straithe. There was quite a wind by then so we were glad not to be sailing out on the Broad itself and contented our selves with a walk round the boat yards and the village mooring area.

The yards and moorings have several old boat houses some of which were thatched plus a bewildering set of cuts and dykes for moored boats. Chatted to someone repairing his dingy and to one of the boatyard owners but for a summer holiday period it was not crowded at all and seemed quite laid back.
Amused ourselves over lunch watching the "harbourmaster" (pub land lord) organizing the tourists in hired motor boats coming along side the quay owned by the pub.  His job was to make sure they were coming for lunch and not to go on the sailing club berths. He used a mixture of shouted advice mixed with a certain level of sarcasm - usually justified by the inept handing of the hire boats! We promised ourselves lunch there again when we are out sailing, but not in windy conditions in case we made a mess of things and incurred the wrath of the man in the high vis jacket!
By the afternoon the sky cleared, the wind dropped and the sun made the drive home rather hot. We are trying various B road routes home and got a bit lost - but we did get to see Bernard Matthews very large turkey processing factory down some side road in a little village somewhere in Norfolk!


  1. How lovely. We where in that part of the country not do long ago. It is beautiful by the water

  2. people watching is the best free entertainment ever!



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