Monday, 3 August 2015

Weirdest complaint ever

I have just written to large high street store with the wierdest complaint ever!
About 6 weeks ago I brought a pack of everyday simple straight forward bras. Exactly the same as the old ones, same size, same colour.  They were fine previously.

I wore one set once and the strap was uncomfortable, Took it off, checked the adjustment,washed it and thought it will be fine now.
Went out the other morning and my husband requested I stopped wriggling around in the shop! My shoulder was killing me!
Got home and one shoulder was sore!  But not the other one??
I checked again, they were adjusted the same, they had stretched, but hang on - were they the same length?  NO.
I got out the unworn set and measured again.  They were NOT MADE THE SAME LENGTH. One strap was a good half an inch shorter!!!  No wonder I was going round the bend!
Wrote to said store and returned the pack - I await an explanation with baited breath as to how they could make such a stupid mistake!
Honestly !   I simply could not believe it"!

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  1. I bought and cow dive cotton knitted Cardigan from M &S one sleeve was two inches longer than the other. Like you I kept adjusting myself until the penny stopped something was wrong. I took it back and they have me my money but they'd sold out of them. I was very disappointed.



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