Thursday, 20 August 2015

Bad back

I am not saying my lovely grand daughter is fat, but she is solidly built for 14 months at 25 lbs and not quite walking, so now I have a really painful pain in the back muscles.  After 4 days they left to go home and then on to the west Country with their other grand parents - good luck guys and keep working on the walking or you will be joining me laying on the floor!

Spent a couple of days on tourist trail in Norfolk. Brancaster Beach and Burnham Windmill; Gooderstone gardens and Castle Acre castle.

Nice water gardens and wild fen area. £6 entry fee, nice tea shop

Deepest moat in England at Castle Acre. Free!

At least with visitors we got on top of most of the excess of veg, especially the baby who manged big lumps of cucumber to sooth her emerging molars. They have gone now and I am back to gardening and somehow the kitchen is full of veg again!  We are still gathering a few raspberries and strawberries to enhance light puddings and today we tried the few plums from the fruit trees we planted last autumn.  Very nice, we are looking forward to a bigger crop next year.

Even though we have had a few rainy days this last week we cannot say that the ground is really wet.  We have managed to join hoses together to get all over the veg garden and now we have invested in another 35 feet to water the fruit trees.  Will save a lot of time with cans and buckets until the autumn rains really set in (oh dear, hope I am not wishing the summer away).

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