Thursday, 13 August 2015

Invention at last

For over a year I have been tripping over an extension lead and a covering mat across a doorway as the only wall space for the fridge did not have a plug. The mess of extension leads  snaked up a cabinet front blocking a door and I broke a good pudding basin fighting the clutter. The mat was disintegrating and I was fed up and considering giving the electrician the terrible sum of money he wanted to install a plug on that wall.

Then this morning with nothing much on my mind except to somehow make the house toddler proof for this weekends visitors I had a moment of clarity. Why had no one put the wire over the doorway?
Fetched the chair, some gaffer tape to hold things in place, and a selection of extension leads I worked it out in 10 mins and used two small pictures to mask a bit of the wire on its way to the socket over the other side!!
My husband says there are some cable clips in the shed somewhere so the black gaffer tape can be replaced. Honestly, I know we have a lot to do in the last year, but why do somethings never occur to you easily??  And better, ha ha, Mr Electrician I am keeping the couple of hundred of pounds you wanted - the gaffer tape only cost £3.50!
And I can now get into the cupboard. So I am (slightly) happier with the kitchen and can wait a few more months until the husband can start the refit he has promised.


  1. Have you tried Rated people. You can post your job and what you want to pay for the job. Then sit back and wait for a response. That's expensive for what you want. I have just had an outside socket put in our rental property for our tenant and it cost me £75.

  2. Never tried that - I will check it out. Thxs.



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