Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Tomato soup

My bad back meant no gardening today so I decided to try again with the soup.  I managed to stand for half an hour to chop up 3 lbs of fresh tomatoes then I needed to sit down for a while. I looked up some recipes on line and got some ideas.

Slow stroll to the veg patch to get some celery to add to the veg I harvested yesterday and back in the kitchen I had bread rising, beetroot boiling and started chopping again.

Into the pot went some chopped celery, an onion, garlic and a chopped carrot and a diced potato to soften in some olive oil. Added 2 lbs of chopped tomatoes and three pints of stock.  I used 2 Knorr stock pots - expensive but good quality and you don't need to add an extra salt or other herbs. Brought to boil and simmered. Added a good squeeze of tomato puree to add colour and taste. Gave it a good 20 mins and then left covered to cool. Nearer lunchtime I went back to hit it with the stick blender and then reheated for lunch.  I had mine with some reheated cheese straws as the bread was still proving. It was much better than before which I put down to using riper and more tomatoes and better stock, I think the potato added some body too.  Rest in fridge and will be lunch for next few days.

Sorry no pictures!

Half way through the cooking one side of my back clicked and felt much better. Unfortunately the right side is still painful.  Anything I dropped had to stay on the floor till the husband came in and bent down for me.

Rest of tomatoes went into a sauce for a diced chicken breast more or less the same recipe but with just a covering of water and I added a fresh green chili. I could really taste that so perhaps will use half of one next dish!  The bush in the poly tunnel has a good crop of chili;s and I am waiting for them to go red and will then air dry them.

Spending the evening propped on cushions with my laptop trying to find a comfortable position.


  1. I hope your back feels better soon. I've been prepping sliced beans and tomato ragu. Delicious if I say so myself.

    1. Bit better today as I woke up nearly pain free, I managed a bit of light gardening stopping before it got sore.


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