Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Boating and blackberrying

Weather very variable in Norfolk and we are waiting for an Indian summer, went for a short river trip on the Broads. Just a short motor journey as we are still sorting some issues out with the boat.

This riverside cottage is built from an ex helter skelter. It is the most unusual building in a row of sweet holiday cottages along the banks.

While the husband was fiddling about with ropes I did a little blackberrying along the boundary of the boatyard. Another pudding taken care of!

Pulled up the courgettes today, may have got a few more but I think we are "done" with this vegetable now. The butternut squash will soon be ready to replace them. 

Another bowl of tomatoes bit the dust this morning as they turned into tomato soup.  My husband wanted more taste I added one of our red chilies. Bit too much of an after burn for me, but it certainly warmed us up.

We reached the chill limit today and lit a fire tonight.  No cost, as we had a pile of scrap wood to burn.

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