Thursday, 8 October 2015

A few wet days and now its gorgeous

A few wet days this week allowed me time in the sewing room. I have been working on a tunic top for my eldest grand daughter using some of the fabric a friend of her mother's supplied and a free dress pattern from my Sew magazine. So a no-cost sew!

I used a pink lawn fabric topped with a nylon chiffon with a printed border, the chiffon is loose at float on the bottom half and I put slits in the sides as she does a lot of jumping around (aged 10). I was particularly pleased with the edges of the sleeves and round the neck, this looked too plain so I used the embroidery functions on my new sewing machine!
Today was actually sunny and warm and thoroughly gorgeous. My husband's new shed arrived and was put up (I photo it tomorrow) and a pile of logs arrived too!  We will be sorting these and finding them a home in the morning (in an old garage - no way will he be sullying his new shed).

I really enjoyed the British Bake Off, well done Naydia, she was so creative and produced some really good things. My bake for this Wednesday was not so successful - the banana cake was to much like batter and came out a bit flat!  I should have taken more notice of the comments on the web site which recommended just using 2 eggs instead of the three in the recipe.


  1. You're really getting to grips with your new sewing machine. The work on the neck and sleeves is fantastic. It's a beautiful garment and you should have one very happy little granddaughter. It's very Asian in design the sort of thing my mother loved.

  2. My daughter in law is Asian! It was the look I was trying for. The girls nearly always wear trousers so the tunic top length is about right.


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