Saturday, 10 October 2015

Missing those plastic bags

Today is the first time I missed those plastic supermarket bags!  Its years since we have had many, been doing the canvas bags for ages, but we usually have a few around and use a couple a week for gathering up bits and pieces. Stood there today for a few seconds thinking what do  I use now?

We have a Saturday broadsheet newspaper about once a month as a treat and it lies about for ages until we have read all the sections till I finally recycle.  This week it has been cannibalized to replace the plastic bags. I have Googled the idea of folding the paper into useful bags.  This method looks handy -

Make a paper carry bag 
I have also started to look at any packaging as potential containers. I reuse the plastic square tubs the mushrooms come in to gather veg from the garden and these last for ages. I use the cereal packets for crafts or leave them in the kitchen for a few days as somewhere to pack the small bits of paper, card and plastic for the recycling bin.

I shall miss the plastic carriers next summer  as I used them to make flags on the veg garden. tied to canes they rattled and blew about nicely to scare the birds. 

I have been experimenting with tin cans cut into flowers and used as whirly gigs. Not very successful so far as I need to find something for the centres. The screw through a straw is not quite moving smoothly enough. I see one of my sewing threads is on a hard small cardboard cylinder and that may be useful when it is empty.


I carefully checked my on line supermaket shop and made sure I had the box ticked for no bag delivery.  If I had left it I could see the cost would have been an extra 40p on a £43 shop. Price of a tin of beans or tomatoes!


  1. We've always used carrier bags for the peddle bin now we are going to have to buy bin liners which will be cheaper than paying for bags. I need a set of bags for hubby's car as he's never got any bags! You sound just like me I look at something before it goes in the bin to see if it can be reborn into something else!

    1. I bet he says he feels like Roy Cropper on Coronation Street. My husband has just about got over it and will carry bags if they are fully loaded and he can feel "manly" but says he still feels a twerp with empty ones! It was the peddle bin that gave me the crises - pay to line a bin? It does not make sense what did our mothers do?

  2. I have loads of the fruit plastic containers in my garden shed, they are great, I also keep any paper bags I am given, for use in my garden shed, I have green tomatoes in a couple of bags. We have been saving thick good quality plastic bags for a while, but I am going to get the sewing machine out and make a couple of cloth bags for the car.

    1. I am going to make some cloth bags to fold inside the canvas ones as trying to stuff a second canvas bag in does not work. My most useful bag is a shopping bag sized padded cool bag - useful for the butchers!


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