Monday, 19 October 2015

Inca Berries

Blame James Wong and the BBC Allotment programme but we grew 8 bushes of these this summer.

Our weekend guests were brought up with these in their parents garden and lapped up the chance to have bowls of these freely available. The plants are very sturdy, the ones in the poly tunnel keep trying to escape and take over the world! Bit worried we will get lots shooting up next year as they are suppose to be bullies.

They are ripening rapidly now, and getting sweeter too. Eaten straight from the bush they are a nice snack food, bit like a sweet clementine. I have found that you can chop them in half and poach slightly with a spoonful of honey (no water).  This goes well with cheesecake!

I also make a quick pud by crushing 4 digestives or oaty biscuits and mixing them with a knob of melted butter. While that chills in fridge I mix basic soft cheese with icing sugar (75/25) and chill this on top of the biscuit. Then put some fruit on top.  You could do something fancy with shards of chocolate, crushed nuts or something!


  1. good reminder ,id forgotten these needed picking at the bottom of the garden .

  2. They look lovely. I always hesitate before pronouncing their name as I tend to blurt out a sexually transmitted disease syphilis instead of physalis AKA Cape Gooseberry. Ha ha.

    1. We did the same thing with our friends HA HA. Agreed the best name was the more common ones!



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