Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Enjoying autummn

Two lovely days in a row but the forecast is not good for the rest of the week.  The clear blue skies were broken by hundreds and hundreds of Brent geese migrating to the Norfolk sea marshes. They were in V formation after V formation and it was very noisy. We have seen them before but never in such numbers.  We were too far from the house to get the camera so here is a web photo!
Image result for brent geese in norfolk

We have been loath to spend any time indoors and have been pottering around the garden and field. Picking crops, tidying up flower beds and planting some pansies, viola and bellis for winter colour.

Still getting tomatoes in the poly tunnel although they are not ripening as fast. Enough to hand bags to the neighbours and make yet another pot of tomato soup for lunch for the next 3 days.

Yesterday I ran the slow cooker all day and produced enough pork and tomato stew for three days. As I didn't use the oven at all the SMART meter fell back 2%.  Today I used the oven to reheat part of the stew and bake some bread and the electricity meter went back up miles!  I am impressed with the economics of the slow cooker but am also worried that this new oven (18 months old) is not going to be as good as I had hoped. I must find the instruction book and check some of its claims for usage.

Wet weather forecast so some sewing and crafting lined up!  Except I think the husband is planning some DIY store visits as he is fitting out his new shed with shelves.

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