Monday, 26 October 2015

Trellis work

We had a new oil tank in the summer and have just got some trellis to "mask" it. Keeping the minimum distance dictated by health and safety in case it ever suffers some accidental combustion!

Without being rude about the supplier - this was the worst piece of work in along time. It was not square (I know it is all squares, so how could they get it not square?) and the wood used was a mix of rubbish and worse rubbish. And it was orange. It did not mask the oil tank more emphasised it!

Found the last 4 inches of Wood preservative in the shed and just managed to cover it with a dark brown. We worked round the existing pergola as it was too much work to remove it and later I will get rid of the algae and paint that.   roll on next summer and we will plant clematis and honey suckle.

Meanwhile, wood orders are definitely going elsewhere!


  1. Lookin good. Does anyone like that orange colour?

    1. Its foul isn't it? I suppose it fades eventually. Just watched a programme about houses on Essex coast - it looks very nice!



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