Sunday, 25 October 2015

Fish diet

We had friends staying last weekend and we probably over did our meat allowance a bit so even my husband was glad to pop into the fish wholesalers as we went into Kings Lynn at the end of this week.  I got just over a kilo of fresh cod for £10.00.  It was a lovely whole piece very thick and fleshy. Compares well to the £19 kg for pre-packed/fresh stuff we get on our supermarket delivery!

Divided up it makes 8 good portions (4 meals for 2 of us). Not bad for £2.50 a meal.

Our first dish was from BBC Good Food. It is for haddock but works just as well with cod!

Haddock & spinach cheese melt

Spinach just cooked in butter on the bottom.  Then the fish portion and topped with soft cream cheese mixed with a little mustard.  I put a gratin  topping of bread crumbs and oil on before the sliced tomatoes to add a crunch.  In the oven for 15 mins.

Second dish was some thick fillets fried. Not sure what to do next - fish pie with leeks?


  1. The cod looks lovely and thick, what a bargain too. When you have such lovely specimens of cod like that you really want to serve them simply to appreciate it.

    1. Fish pie was lovely and there was leftovers!

    2. Fish pie was lovely and there was leftovers!



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