Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Veg garden plan 2016

Leeks 3 rows planted autumn 2015 - in till early summer
Onions 2 rows  (1 in Oct and 1 in March)
Garlic 1 row (Oct)

3.5 mts
bed about 15 mts across
Carrots – 3 rows - early, mid and late

5.5 mts
Potatoes – 5 rows
Sweet potatoes?
6.5 mts
Peas – 1 row on sticks
Broad Beans – succession sown

3.9 mts

This area divided in 3 across the plot

Runner beans – 2 rows          2 courgettes                          12/16 sweetcorn in block

3.5 mts
Brassicas and greens

3.0 mts

This is the basic plan for our field area of veg and we started to pick varieties today (promising oursleves we would dump the out dated seeds in the box and only use really good stuff this year). First order for sets and seeds up to Xmas was nearly £25. We need to order again just before Xmas and then for the late seeds. I am going to collect up the delivery notes and keep a record this year. 

The only saving grace today was that it was on line and we saved £5 of petrol and £10 on coffee and cake but not going to the garden centre!


  1. Good planning. I would like to doper fruit and potatoes next year. Winter veg will be on the agenda as I should have a netted cage to keep the pesky cabbage white at bay!

    1. We brought some really good netting, so silky and easy to handle. I must find its details and take a picture as I am going to recommend it!

  2. I have been keeps tabs on my spending, it soon mounts up.

    1. If only the husband would not be so keen on flowers too! Have to reign him in!



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