Friday, 27 November 2015

Boat recovery

Marking the end of the year now with one of those things you have to do before winter sets in. As it has been mild we had not panicked too much about leaving our dingy in the boatyard on the Broads so choose the one bright day late last week to go and fetch it home. Work to be done on it and we are not sure we had chosen the right location so may take it elsewhere next year.

Great sunny dry weather and no problems at first. Then I looked across the marina to see "NO EXIT. BARRIER RAISED" on the river exit, I rushed over to the river side and the bridge where a nice fisherman said the Environment Agency had taken the boom down the day before. Phew. Set off calmly across to the opposite slip way where the nice man took £5 for use of the yard (much cheaper than our boatyard who want £150!) and gave us loads of advice as we had not recovered a boat since 1977.

As you can see all went well. Mostly due to the water level being so high we did not have to go down the slip way slope very far.

We left the swans in peace just as the rain clouds spat very cold wet at us.

Set off to try to get home by dark but the lights on the trailer failed and later we took a wrong turn which wasted 30 mins. Luckily we have a big drive area and we just left it all and went in for hot tea in front of the fire. All sorted next day and everything stored for the winter. Another end of year job done.


  1. We have runs of things going wrong. Our boiler is being a pain at the moment. Its driving me nuts.

    1. Boilers are such a pain, hope you know someone local to advise and mend!

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