Monday, 2 November 2015

The power of Tagettes?

Firstly, welcome to followers! I was just getting into updating my links to your sites finding my way through blogger system when my husband called to say the last episode of our S4C welsh language police detective series was starting. So abandoned the efforts of technical competence. Y Gwyll (Hinterland) with Richard Harrington is very dark and complex (described in the reviews as "a bit Swedish") but it is set in a building in Aberystwyth I used to work in!  Makes me smile every time !  Look out for it when it gets repeated on English channels!
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Anyway back to Tagettes!

Last year we suffered many insect bits. There were lots of areas of long grass and weeds as we were converting the field from stables and paddock and we had made a great effort to clear every thing away over the winter.  We looked up plants that would repel insects ( ) and decided to plant lavender, petunia, french marigolds and tagettes.  Tagettes were everywhere in veg beds, borders, in the poly tunnel and greenhouse.  Must have worked because all summer long as we had no bites.

Last couple of weeks I have gradually pulling up the tagettes as they got woody and died back. Then the weather turned warmer and for the last two days in the muggy late afternoons we have been bitten to death!  Bring on the frosts - perhaps that will deal with the pesky pests!

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  1. If I go out in the garden before 10 I have to wear long sleeves and tuck my trousers in my socks because there is so many gnats around. Its the damp dewy morning they love. I hate them. I'll have to look out for tagettes for the patio(when I get one) planters.


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