Saturday, 19 December 2015

Having found the missing piece of sewing machine lost yesterday hiding under the mat, peace is restored in the house. For five minutes and then we got snappy - husband with IBS and me with cystitis - cancel Christmas!  Not helped by the oil delivery man coming unexpectedly two days earlier than arranged, before we were out of bed, and because he could not be bothered to wait 5 minutes for us to get the key promptly broke open the lid of the new oil tank to make the delivery and get on his way.  Complaints will be made on Monday!

Husband retired to woodworking in his shed and I went to continue some sewing. I am trying out a rag doll pattern from my SEW magazine. I have been promising this all year but could not find a pattern I liked till this week.  Progress? Two arms - not matching!

Perhaps the first doll may stay at Granny's and baby will have to wait for an improved version.

I have also been trying out some simple patchwork with the left overs from renovating the lounge curtains before we have visitors. I have final achieved matching, albeit short, curtains at each end of the lounge. These double aspect windows can be a bind when your curtain stock was for a house with large bays but one per room.
The second one I added some wadding and quilted between the strips.  In daylight the two orange fabrics look identical but under a flash one is definitely red! No one will notice (I hope).

In preparation for small children over Xmas I have been digging some odds and ends out of the Xmas box to decorate the kitchen/dining room. Two strings of LED lights from the pound shop years ago, on the window cills to start.  Then I found these awful gift tags. What was I thinking? I hope I got them cheap and did not spend good money on these, but I cannot remember them at all.  I found some green ribbon from a gift some time back and spaced the tags out before stapling them on. Now we have a cheerful "garland" for the little ones to see at meal times.
I also found some old IKEA decorations. In the big house we used to have at least two trees to decorate!  I liked these so kept them when downsizing. This week I raided all sorts of bits from the craft boxes to make a cheerful picture on a bit of foam board next to where the high chairs will be.

Stars from some forgotten table set, sequins off an old dress, second hand bow thing at the top, bit of cake band at the bottom and bits of ribbon for the trunk. Sponged water colour to make a sky. May add to it as things come to hand.

Proper tree decoration on Christmas Eve in the lounge; keeping tree outside till the last minute to stop the needle drop.

Nearly 4 o'clock and I had better make a cup of tea for us to relax with before getting an early meal; ready to watch the Strictly Dancing final. Probably one of the last good things on TV for a while. Where are they getting all these hopeless B rated movies and repeats?
Hoping we are in a better mood tomorrow.


  1. I'm pleased you found your sewing machine piece. I did the same with a postage stamp. I found it stuck to the underside of the envelope I was looking to stuck it on......grrrrr I must have wasted an you looking for it. Looking forward to seeing the doll.

    1. Doll has improved, but not as nice as the one in Marks and Spencer for £14 - wonder if it will be reduced after Xmas?



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