Thursday, 17 December 2015

Is Christmas affecting our minds?

Is it Christmas stress or age?

First - Husband took the box of outside lights to decorate the garden then returned 10 mins later asking where the transformer/plug was?  In the box, where its been for the last 5 years in storage since we sold the "big" house, downsized and stored sealed. (Sorry, Mrs Grumpy has not had a good nights sleep all week).  Oh, and I thought I saw it, he replied but I can't find it.  Two days of searching the 40 feet of garden and in the shed brought nothing to light.  (Ha Ha). The plug was no where to be found.  Luckily our neighbour asked what we were doing eventually had a suitable spare!

Second - I got something stuck in the feeds of my new sewing machine and I had to take it apart to release the jam.  Carefully replaced bobbin, plate and screws - and then could not find the plastic cover. Searched high and low round the machine, the floor and the shelves.  Still can't find it. Given up and will look in daylight tomorrow.

Oh for goodness sake have we got ghosts or have we lost our brains?

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  1. Maybe you have Borrowers?! I am forever losing things and my husband lost something two tears ago and still has moments if searching for it. I personally just blame the Borrowers every time :-) xx

    1. As the bit was under a mat on the bare floorboards I think we must have people living under there!


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