Tuesday, 1 December 2015

No time for an advent calendar make

As our Grandchildren are not coming to just before Xmas day an advent calendar in full is not really needed here in the otherwise Bah Hambug house. My Sew magazine had a nice material-stash busting idea which I have adapted to have ready for their presence over the actual holiday.

Here is the idea - 25 little houses with pockets for sweets.

I enlarged the pattern by 25% on screen and then made one for each letter of their names. I am looking for some nice farm or zoo animals to pop in for them as sweets don't appear in this house very often.  Didn't take too long and all the materials and cotton were in the house already.

There were ideas for Christmas decorations in there too but we have accumulated a large box full over the years so not going to do those.  The templates are free on line on the magazine website - but the instructions are in the magazine itself.


  1. What a lovely idea. I've currently banned myself from looking at Pinterest because I get grumpy not having the time t try so many of the lovely 'make' ideas.

    1. Pininterest can be very inspiring.



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