Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Very nearly a sewing makeover too far!

I had a nice linen style work suit hanging unused in the wardrobe and several times it nearly went to the charity shop. But I like the colour and the fabric effect even though the accompanying pencil skirt was a size too small now.

So finally I settled on a make over to a short jacket for spring using a freebie pattern I had. This will be a good alternative to a cardigan.
I wanted to reuse the front lower edges and the sleeves and
there was plenty of material to play with when I put the pattern against the suit.

What I had not realised in this pattern  was this was tailored collar rather than a dressmaking mandarin style. By the time I had worked out the construction the material showed how much it liked to fray! Got there in the end but made it more complex by trying to reuse sleeves and their lining. In the end virtually re cut these to fit.

 As it was so hacked about in the end I added a "groovy" lining to the body to hide all the makeover edges.

It may not get many wears, but at least it will come out of the cupboard! And I learnt a lot about fabrics used commercially which while looking great in the original were actually a rubbish fabric for home sewing! I was reading some sewing blogs that make-over clothes and it is not an immediately easy way to save money.


  1. I admire your tenacity well done, its looks great and as you say you will use it more. My wardrobe needs a good huk out. But I loathed to throw anything until I've given up work. I think once the shifts are gone I'll lose the stone that my weight fluctuates by because I'm eating and exercising at regular times

    1. I found I lost that stone immediately on retiring - that office biscuit habit.

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