Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cold day and forgotten jewellery

Welcome to new follower - Katie.  I am have trouble with the back office bit of blogger so have not yet updated some of my links.

Temperatures are dropping rapidly here and I felt particularly chilled wearing a dress for the first time in a year. By the time the funeral of our neighbour was over yesterday morning I was chilled right through.  Our dark clothes are not new, but tidy and appropriate for formal occasions. We were amazed that some people came in jeans and causal wear - am I old fashioned or has the world just changed?

Came home to make parsnip soup from the undersized ones we dug up yesterday; leaving the fatter ones for roasting later in the week. To cheer it up I added a big spoonful of Korma Curry sauce left from yesterday's chicken curry. There is enough in the pot for 3 more modest bowls for lunches.  The good thing about more portion control at meal times is I am making a "lunch" dish for one out of the bits not dished up. Not on the plate, not in the tum - is our new mantra. It is taking me a bit of time to learn not to peal quite so many potatoes etc but at least the husband has stopped offering to mop up the extras! 14 stone and 2 lbs this morning - very near his target.

To accomplish number 10 in my list of things to do in 2016, having my wedding ring mended, I went to look for it! Opps, not where I thought it was. Half an hour of turning out drawers and I had a big pile of "costume" jewellery I have not worn for years and 5 broken wrist watches. Obviously down sizing and clearing out had not been that effective!

 But who wears brooches these days?  Should I have the "dressy" watches repaired as "heirlooms" for my grand daughters? Oh dear, I fear they have crept back into a drawer!

I put some beads into the craft tin for possible future projects. I discovered that despite not wearing earrings for some years my pierced ears still took a pair - so I pranced round all afternoon in a dangly pair!
There were some nice silver necklaces and bracelets which I should wear more often - even if just to go out casually.

I found the wedding ring and have put it to one side to take into town for an estimate from a jewellers along with a set of pearls from my mother's house clearance. My sister in law said they were "valuable" but somehow I doubt it as the only stamp on them says "Hong Kong"!

Lot of chat on blogger about the lottery - we gave it up some time ago and some spare money we had went into premium bonds. You may win a million with one number but you can still get your £1 back!   I have worked on getting Lottery projects and it is NOT easy, time wasting and stressful for volunteer organisations with about a 1 in 1000 chance of getting anything out of it.


  1. I took loads of old gold and sold it last year, but I have 4 of my mum's watches, none of them worth anything, but I can't part with them.

    1. I have put somethings by as possibly gold but I think most of this is just "base metal", never were a rich family. Like you it is the sentimental value.

  2. Someone has put a petition on Facebook asking for Richard Branston to be allowed to run it as he wanted to years ago. Lots of the profits would have gone to the NHS. In addition it would not have had shareholders etc. The fat cats who bought into it increasing the numbers and lowering the odds have put the first nail in its coffin. More people are leaving it now than ever before. Yes there's hype when a large win is available, it's short lived.

    1. Hear Hear! Tony looked up the odds and they are completely stupid. Should have given it to Bransom last time round. Will look for Facebook and join in.



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