Thursday, 7 January 2016

New Year shopping lists

I booked my fortnightly supermarket delivery a good week ago and have been back into the account three times since.  Never usually do this, but I have been keeping an eye on the cupboards and realised some things are stockpiling and some things are just not getting eaten as my husband is trying to loose weight. My changes are keeping the bill to £40 just so I get the shopping delivered for £1.

I have set myself a food budget of £3000 for 2016 for the two of us. I started a spreadsheet with that at the top and have listed the spending - it was uncomfortable to find nearly £50 had slipped away already!
£3000     left
Coop Food 1.25
Sainsbury Food 34.52

Cleaning 0
Personal(soap etc) 4.95
Medical 0
Town shops Butcher 2.53
toiletries 1.5
household 1
bird food 1   £2953.25
I am going to refund the food account the pink bits - its those pesky extras that add to the total !

How do others check their spending?

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  1. I'm too scared to check our food spending

  2. Like you, I start off with my budget for the month and deduct any expenditure on food, as soon as it's spent, leaving me with a figure for what is left in the budget. When I go over, I go into negative figures.

    I find it works pretty well and is really simple to do. I do the same with the household/toiletry/pet budget. I don't actually calculate total spending over the year though, just each month.

    1. I suspect a month is more comfortable. When you see thousands £s you do tend to panic

  3. I have completed my accounts for the year based on current figures. I deal in cash only. I draw £150.00 and it goes in my purse with any coupons etc. I check the cupboards and stockpile when offers are on. Anything left goes in the Christmas pot. Having done this for a year now I am more aware of how the offers and discounts come around. Aldi/Lidl always have a £10 money off voucher in December. I use Mysupermarket to find the best prices on things I need to stock pile.

  4. Similar to you but I just tot them all up each month. Providing we stick to £30 for both food and toiletries, I am happy. However, buying dedicated gf flours has upped my bill to probably around the £33-£35 mark. That brings our annual spend to anywhere from £1560 to £1820.

    1. Gosh, I have a long way to go. What I have noticed is that I spent £5 in one week on fresh stuff - that if we were better at growing our own we could have covered.


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