Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Trying to find something cheerful

Have been making a summer top in bright summer blue to cheer myself up in the damp gloom of a Norfolk wet day. Also it helped me put off getting the black/grey outfits from the wardrobe for a funeral next Monday. Our lovely neighbour lost her fight with cancer over the Christmas weekend.

Slippery, light, polyester material but the design is very simple, may be my most useful pattern of summer 2016. Meanwhile I have ordered some T shirt cotton jersey to experiment with for summer wear.

We had a pair of good binoculars for Christmas and were delighted yesterday to be able to see clearly a flock of 10+ curlew two fields away.  They were having a good time in the winter wheat fields.  I see there is a big bird count at the end of January - which we must do.

Image result for curlew

(pix from web)

Been adding to my 50 things to do in 2016.

7. Read four 19th century classic literatures - Thackeray, Dickens, Elliot, Wilkie Collins. No Russian stuff the unit in my degree killed any desire for Russian classics!
8. Paint an A4 canvas - I keep sketching and playing around but have a mental block on going the whole way on a picture.
9. Ride the local bus all the way to the last stop - an hour away in Spalding! For free!


  1. What a lovely A line dress. As you say it will be a useful pattern. When I eventually get my bus pass at 66 my state pension age I too will go on a long journey.

    1. There was mention of it going on this morning's local news so I am spurred on to use it a lot while the going is good!

  2. If bus passes are still free when I retire I will jump on and off buses all day. I plan to explore places that I have only ever heard of

    1. Some years ago there was a radio series of two "old news presenters" going round London on their bus passes - it has inspired me!

  3. we have a bus to Boston and thats it , doesnt come back for 12 hours either . Hope your shock absorbers are good an hour to Spalding down fen roads would kill me



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