Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunny seaside

Like many other east coast bloggers we went to the seaside yesterday. It is husband's 69 birthday and we wanted a day out to enjoy the sunshine after a run of grey days. It was gloriously sunny and dry at Wells and the tide was in which is a nice change as we always manage to come when the sea is about a mile out!  There was surf breaking on the sand bar offshore, which you will have to take my word for as I forgot the camera. The car park has been tarmac'd recently which made parking a bit more pleasant and less bumpy.

As our favourite lunch venue was closed unexpectedly we went on to Thorne near Hunstanton and had lunch in the village pub before a second walk on the beach there.  Another wonderful sandy beach and bright blue sky, with para gliders clearly to be seen taking off from Hunstanton cliffs. Our new binoculars (Xmas pressie) were great for watching oyster catchers and curlews among the gulls as the tide went out. Husband took some lovely photos of the patterns of the tide and shells on the beach which I will ask him to share.

First really cold night of the year last night, so the greenhouse needs some insulating or the heater will cost  a fortune with the early seeds. The purple sprouting and cauli are well up now. Just a dozen of each on this round as we are trying to spread out the veg more.

We had to re sow the antirhinums  as the first lot died back, with thought it was dampening off as the conservatory is very damp due to a leak, but now we think the potting compost dried out too much on the propagating mat. We have a new tray that have come up well anyway and if the greenhouse can be insulated they can move on out there.

Now the asbestos garage is gone we took advantage of another sunny dry day to cut back a cottoneaster and a bit of fence as part of preparing a new shed base. Bit guilty as our flock of hedge sparrows like to fly in and out of there, but it will eventually be thicker and have more berries next year. I have compensated them with an extra fat ball in the feeder.
Planning a big (2/3 days worth) warm stew in the slow cooker tomorrow to keep us going until the temperatures rise again.  As the carrots I got as a basic buy bag from Sainsbury's are a bit weak and over washed I think it will be carrot soup all week before they go off.

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  1. I sorted my seeds last week but I think its to cold even indoors for the January ones. I'm going to wait a while. The conservatory teaches 20+ during the day but its probably 5 during the night.



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