Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Trying a new fish dish

Tried something new with 500g of nice thick smoked haddock this week which made a big meal for two of us and gave us this portion of leftovers for one lunch the next day.

Parboiled sliced potatoes (you need something like a Desiree type for this dish) and drained, just covered with milk and gently cooked a bit more. Drained and kept milk. Put a layer of potatoes on bottom of casserole, then some saute'd shallots and blanched spinach, cut the smoked haddock into big chunks and added, then another layer of potatoes. Used milk to just cover up to potatoes, seasoned just a little,  and topped dish with breadcrumbs and cheddar cheese.   Baked for 10 mins in my fan assisted oven, did not need much as it was all precooked except fish.   The flavour of the fish really came out and was absorbed in the potatoes.

We need something hot and filling as we have had three cold, frosty but dry and sunny, days and with a good forecast all week we took the old OSB boards off the old stables and started the re-cladding to make it a weather proof work shop.  We used a membrane on the revamped frame first.

Husband thought having really long planks for the bottom part was a good idea, till we found we could not hold them up for long. Finally worked on a way to prop them using wood scraps to take the weight. Looking forward to the short planks further up as it may be more fiddly but less weight.

Had the final bill for the asbestos garage removal - £800 in the end, which was not too bad!  Be glad when spring arrives and we can get back to gardening and not all these building works.


  1. Thats a good price for asbestos removal, there are some real scare mongers out there who then charge you the earth to remove it. Love the sound of that fish dish and the shed looks great. You're quite a team aren't you.

  2. We do work well together but sometimes I have to beg for time off


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