Monday, 25 January 2016

Weird bird?

We have been up a little earlier as we have been trying to complete the re-cladding of the ex-stable workshop and we have seen this weird bird sitting on the fence overlooking the fruit tree area of our back garden.  Its big, a raptor, sort of round body, but not a hooked bill, pale front, big wings. Its been there for two or three mornings, just sitting on the fence and looking around from day break till about 9am.  It is not very active and not looking very "with it".  After a lot of checking our bird books I was sure it was a harrier and found out there was a pallid harrier (juvenile) just across the Wash (20 miles?) at Snettisham bird reserve.  Quite  a rare bird. My husband has put out his wildlife camera to try and get a picture as it is a bit too far for the lens on his camera.

Hopefully be able to post something soon!


  1. Never heard of such a bird. I'm going to have to Google image it!

  2. It does look like an eagle. I hope you manage to get a photo.

  3. No sign of it this morning although there was "pooping" evidence of it having been around.The on line images do look like eagles doesn't they? We had a long discussion on it - starting with "dont be silly.." No photo today.


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