Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Budget challenge

Our expenses have been soaring since Xmas due to renovating the ex-stables into a workshop, having the asbestos garage removed and wanting to re gravel the drive. Now we have a leak in the conservatory and there will be some car expenses soon. After a lot of calculating our expenses we decided we could afford all this from state pension income (no dipping into the savings) if we pulled out belts a little bit tighter.  So our challenge is to spend no more than £80 on food and housekeeping in the next month.
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Our first frugal meal was 4 oz of shin beef cooked in a jar of sauce. Don't usually bother with cooking sauces but we are so busy outside at present I needed a short cut. This was an "ale" stew mix and was very nice. Bolstered by lots of root veg from the garden it made a good meal and there was enough meat in the left over sauce to make a beef and veg suet pudding the next day.

Next meal was very small roast lamb joint for Sunday meal and the 50% left had made a nice Mediterranean spiced lamb with mushrooms and tomato stew with rice. There is enough left overs from that for one lunch tomorrow. 

Lunches have been leek (from the garden) and potato soup and bits of bread frozen over Xmas. I had frozen a part cooked ciabatta and this made a lovely lunch filled with bacon and cheese.  

Double checked my supermarket delivery order to make sure I was on track for what was needed and no extras, I found I had a £5 off voucher. Hurrah!


  1. The meals you've made sound delicious. Its a great excuse to use all the vegetables up in the freezer too. I'm in the same boat this month. I want to stick to £75 because I have car expenses coming up (tyre and tax) and I want the money ready. I also didn't put any money away from last months budget for Christmas. I'm still saving a chunk of my wages straight into the retirement pot. I have a figure in my head that I want saved by October.

    1. Its good to have a target. When we get over this hump we will want to get out and about and get away so we need to start saving for that.



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