Thursday, 10 March 2016

26mm of rain

Thank goodness Wednesday is over. Bleak day with 26mm of rain filling every hollow and ditch. Even the dyke at the end of the field is full - first time in the 18 months since we moved here.
And today is a beautiful spring day with that lovely smell to the air!

It was lovely to be able to walk about, in wellies as the grass squelched. We need two or three days for the ground to dry out now.  But I did plant more seeds - some early courgettes, dwarf beans and sweetcorn. Last year's seeds, so I have time to re do seeds if these turn out to be duds.

Groceries came yesterday from on line shop just to top up the fridge and stores, but I am avoiding the expensive shop at the butchers till end of week by tackling all those little last bits of meat in the bottom freezer drawer. So easy to ignore them and promise to use up another week and go and get some more tasty and desirable food!  So for lunch today we had salad and grilled mackerel fillets.  Its the last 4oz of mince for tea tonight.

I was bored yesterday, then I found a nice project in my Sew magazine (last one, I had cancelled the subscription) which I am adapting. I can't afford Cath Kidson canvas - but I have some cheeky monkey cotton print which I will quilt into an equally nice toy storage  bag for one of the younger grandchildren!

I cancelled the magazine as I was a bit fed up with the free patterns being almost the same every month and the toy patterns not quite being good enough to make. Plus it backs the Sewing Bee ex contestants all the time and needs some new writers.  I am not sure I am going to enjoy this years TV crafting highlight (for me) now that May Martin has left. The new lady has a lot to live up to!  Also the facebook updates are so frequent that it virtually gives you all the articles - really don't get that as a marketing strategy for making you buy the magazine!

I found Craft Beggars in the House way down the TV listing on the Community channel last week and despite its low budget some interesting things have come up. Least they have given up the competition format they had last year and gone for a straight interest show!

Welcome to new followers! Delighted to have you.

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