Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Recycled bricks

So wet here today there are puddles in every depression in the lawn!

My husband has recently made this path from some bricks saved from the garage demolition.

The area to the right was originally a sand ménage (previous owners), so he dug down through the thin grass area to get some sand to lay the bricks on. We searched around and found a couple of slabs to put at each end and one day some decorative gravel will cover the ballast bits and join the path to the concrete areas.

No cost path achieved!  House bricks are not really robust as surfaces and this will probably wear down but by that time our proposed 10 year active retirement will be up and we will trundle off to our inactive final days.

Depressed? - yes!  Hate long rainy days and have finished all the interesting library books and my sewing projects.


  1. this time of year is horrible, spring is so near, the garden is calling and we have to wait inside and watch the rain.

    1. Too true. So different from last year - we were seed sowing on the same date.

  2. Great job. Always rewarding when you achieve something for nothing.

    1. Good job the husband does not charge!


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