Saturday, 23 April 2016

Asparagus harvest

Heard on Radio Norfolk this morning that the commercial Asparagus harvests are 1 to 2 weeks behind schedule due to the cold weather. Ours has also stopped too; it looks cold and twisted. So sad.
Meanwhile flowering things nearer the house are doing well.

This spiraea smells wonderful.

And the pansies have lovely big "faces" in the planter with the cheerfulness daffs looking good too.

I have lost a bit of weight recently, half a stone, but having caught a few episodes of the Hairy Bikers diet programme (repeated on Food channel) I have been thinking about trying to get another half stone off. They were talking about weight round the middle and being apple shaped.  I have never understood this term so Googled it and found out the definition.

You take your waist measurement and divide it by your hip measurement. Example 34" waist divided by 37" hips (not my measurements!) gives you 0.9. Anything above 0.8 is "apple" for women (and 0.95 for men) and dangerous for all those potential medical reasons you hear about. Mine is definitely 0.9. So I am going to do more exercise as recommended on the Hairy Bikers - more cycling apparently is the best thing.  That is when the wind dies down - round here it is flat coastal, so you often struggle to keep straight if its windy!  I went out and repainted a wooden farm gate at the side of our field, instead of gardening today (too cold out in the open fields) so at least not sitting round. Also stuck to salad for lunch and cut down the roast potatoes at tea time.


  1. we have had a lovely sunshine day today and the aspargus is coming up nice and straight, I have a copy of the Hairy Bikers diet cook book, great recipes in there I do there Chili Con Carne its really tasty

  2. Bit of a shower right now but will wander down later to see if its coming up. Cant wait - yum, yum.

  3. Your definition of 'apple shaped' was useful. I've done a bit of measuring and found that mine is also above 0.8. I do definitely need to lose some weight am working on it without dieting, so it's quite slow progress. This is another useful way of working our whether your weight may potentially be causing you health problems, so I will probably use it as a guide in future. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Trish its freezing here on the Essex coast. I'm really fed up with the north easterly blustery winds bringing hail and rain. Ever since we had the decking delivered its rained. Loving the photo. I'm pear shaped so my weight I thighs and bum! Although I've git some on my tun I've never had before!!!!



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