Sunday, 24 April 2016

Adopted a blog cooking tip!

I saw a tip on another blog that I thought I would try out. I often buy the cheap cooking bacon packs at £1.72 kg it is a great bargain but you don't know what you will get - thick, thin, smoked, etc. Although the supermarket I use generally includes bits of bacon of good quality (other supermarkets are available!)
Image for Sainsbury's Cooking Bacon, Basics 670g from Sainsbury's
A blogger suggested taking it apart on buying and re-packing into smaller parcels ready for use. It has proved a great idea - my last lot on spreading out contained four nice rasher pieces for breakfasts which I flattened out and put aside. I made 6 diced/minced portions of 3 or 4 oz each which are ideal for making quiche, bacon and potato bakes, adding to cauli cheese, or a base for a minestrone soup. Previously the pack would lurk in the fridge getting used up as and when - sometimes a bit generously and sometimes a bit got wasted. Now I think I am getting full value!

Great tip - one I am adopting into my kitchen routine.


  1. I've always done this but buy 3 packs at a time and split up, that way you are almost guaranteed a really good mix of good breakfast rashers, small bits and nice fat bacon chops to pack in twos for main meal. And as sainsbugs is the other end of town it saves trips there

  2. We buy most things big and split them.

  3. I've found my way over here after seeing your comment on Su's post about King's Lynn, and have really enjoyed having a peek at your recents post.

    I am newly retired and truly enjoying finding much more time to enjoy my many interests over here in New York. I think it might be fun for us to compare our new experiences.


    1. That would be most interesting. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a big city experience.



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