Saturday, 9 April 2016

Feed the animals and family

Visiting Granddaughter loves animals so we went off to the Farm Park at Snettisham to feed lambs and deer.

The long hair lop giant rabbit is put out for petting. Not sure if it wanted that much hair brushing and loving but it got loads!

Grand daughter (small) went home and was replaced with the two big ones for the day! I need a rest!

Exhausted now, still finding it difficult to have a really active full day without collapse by 5pm after the Plague (flu).  Meals are a bit scratch and a lot are round these cauliflowers which are coming on quickly in the veg beds. Chopping our way through number 2 now, with cheese tonight to go with some gammon.

Just had an email from Sainsbury's saying they are ending their Brand match scheme. Mostly they have always told me they are cheaper than Asda on brands. Hardly surprising since I rarely buy top branded goods for them to compare and I usually check expensive branded stuff for offers first! If anything, I get 50p or 60p back except this week when its all ending and it was actually £2.58 because we had some posher stuff to impress the visitors!

Rubbish Saturday night TV on the cards so I will charge up the laptop and settle down to catch up with everyone.


  1. It is exhausting looking after grandchildren, especially when you have not been well. Hope you start to feel ticketty boo soon.

    1. Thanks. School hols are over so we can rest till half term.

    2. Thanks. School hols are over so we can rest till half term.


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