Wednesday, 13 April 2016

First swallows

Spotted first pair of swallows today dipping into the muddy puddle at the edge of the field opposite the house!
Pictures? No chance of moving that fast. Managed to twist my back getting out of bed this morning and can hardly move. So stupid!!!  Waiting for pain killers and rub in stuff to kick in then will gently supervise husband planting more early potatoes!  Frustrated as the floors need a good vacuum and mopping. The sun is shining, after a very wet day yesterday, and its definitely Spring.

Spent time this morning doing grocery shop on line and looking up recipes for doing spicy stuff with next two cauliflowers. At least I don't have to do an antagonising  12 mile drive and load and unload the shopping - well worth the £1 charge to deliver to the door tomorrow lunch time!

See there is a programme following a diversifying farm on Norfolk coast (near Blakeney)  on TV tonight so will watch that with interest as it is quite local. They have a cafe that does seasonal local food apparently so will note for next visit that way.  Not sure why they called the programme "Normal for Norfolk"? Sounds very enviable lifestyle to me!

May try to finishing checking the fit of my new summer dress later but the zip I put in yesterday is not looking too hot. Thank goodness Great Britain Sewing Bee is back on 5th May - I need the inspiration!


  1. Might give the farm program a view, thanks for heads up on sewing bee, I too like it.

  2. I will try to watch the sewing program this time.


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