Thursday, 26 May 2016

Chelsea Show coverage

I think I will be completely gardened out by Friday - trying to keep up with all this Chelsea coverage! We are recording it and watching as and when. Thank goodness they are repeating some of the stories between the two programmes and we can skip quite a few bits of the evening programme!

Did not agree with Best in Show garden award and preferred the Cleve West Exmoor theme one.

By the time I catch up with Beechgrove, it will be time for the new series of Instant Gardener! Its famine or feast with gardening programmes.

OH NO.  Did I just see its Springwatch next week?  Not that I am keen on birds today - we are having to keep all the shed doors closed up as their is a pair of swallows looking for somewhere to nest. There are plenty of old, falling down and unused sheds on neighbouring land. I do enjoy the watching the swallow sweeping across the grass areas catching insects while we are sitting having our afternoon cuppa in the garden.

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