Friday, 27 May 2016

Gadget men

Do you have people in your life that just love a gadget and tools generally?   My husband and eldest son are obsessive - we often joke they just need a tools catalogue for Christmas. Not the tools - just the pictures to drool over.  Now we have a neighbour who is as bad. He brought this gadget for lifting up ride on mowers for cleaning underneath. Poor chap is laid up after an operation but Hubby went round to borrow it and try it out.

Just some simple bars and a big screw with handle. The mower was very grateful for the clean as it was very bunged up and had started to shudder and shake. 

I was not grateful for its improved efficiency as it cut loads of grass today and its my job to throw the cuttings into the compost bin, alternating the grass with other cuttings. The bin was full to the top this afternoon as the grass has grown loads in the last week.


  1. Hubby likes his tools he is not into gadgets, but knives he is always buying and has made a few for himself, he will often be found sitting in the evening with the screw fix catalogue :-)

    1. Oh yes, we have that one on the coffee table. Panic sets in if its moved.

  2. My husband inherited my father's tools and he won't part with anything. He has far too many and can never find what he wants. Frustrating!


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