Sunday, 22 May 2016

Living opposite a commercial flower growing field

You may think living opposite a commercial flower field would look like this:Image result for flower field

And we do see some fields like this in Norfolk where they are growing on bulbs. But for cut flowers what you get is a lot of green, a great deal of spraying and then early in the mornings before much colour can be seen you get -
A gaggle of cars, about 20 people and a LOO! No idea of nationality, I guess Eastern European but who ever they are, they work really hard at this. 7 am till 3 pm at least, in fog, damp or sun. Eventually a tractor and trailer comes down from the main buildings about a mile away and takes the crop away.

The wire cages are designed to protect the bunches and over 3 days we have counted about 30 cages have gone.

 So if you see red Sweet Williams in the supermarkets this next week - they probably came from here!


  1. It's interesting to see how such large flower farms operate. The flowers are beautiful, but that farm is not exactly a country dream.

    (Hoping that the spraying is not dangerous to your own health!)

    1. All the fields (cereal and potatoes mostly) get sprayed regularly - we always look for the wind direction and get out of the way. It is more industrial than you would think.

    2. I loved my grandads sweet Williams but hated the earwigs that they always contained. I've seen the workers in the fields of Lincolnshire and its backbreaking work.

    3. We often wonder what can be so bad that people come across Europe to do this work? I admire them for their stamina.


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