Sunday, 22 May 2016

Preparing for Jam season

Our soft fruit is coming along well at the moment and there is distinct possibility of a glut. I have invested in a small Maslin pan and got together my jam making equipment. Found some left over labels, the bottle brush for the jars and the thermometer I invested in last year.  The pan was an 8 litre one and cost £15 which seemed a fair price for the quality.

The jars seem to have been poked here and there since Christmas so tomorrow I will finish the grand tidy of the under stairs cupboard and tops of units and gather them up for a good wash (no dishwasher). Jam sugar and lemons are on the shopping list for Monday and I have some root ginger from the market stall last week. I am going to start with Rhubarb and ginger jam which should keep us going till the strawberries, raspberries and gooseberries are ready.   My all time favourite jam is blackberry and Apple Jam and I am planning on a good number of those jars for the winter.

I am using this recipe -

 Last week there was quiet a lot of press comment on the BBC Food versus BBC Good Food sites, I actually never noticed there were two different sites.  I think the Good Food site has more adverts and takes a bit longer to load sometimes because of Cookies?

While I am under the stairs in this deep dark cupboard I am going to find the wine making kit - might be enough of a glut for that too!

Really feels like summer is coming now.


  1. My jam making stuff is in a box in the shed labelled - Jam Making! and that's where it will stay for a while I think - thank heavens I made enough last year to keep us going for a year or two

  2. Haven't thought about jam yet. I make mine in the pressure cooker pan,no thermometer just the old fashioned cold plate method. Touch wood(bangs head) its worked for me.

  3. now that sugar has been declared evil jam making has once again become affordable , only me and mr bah humbug like proper jam the minions will only eat cheap nasty everyday value...Ho hum their loss


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