Monday, 23 May 2016

Sweet potatoes

Everything is moving into their final summer growing places now - and space is beginning to run out.  We ordered sweet potato plants some time ago and they arrived in good condition but a little tender. Potted on they have had 2 weeks in the greenhouse and are now looking good. These will go in a side bed in the poly tunnel and will be given plenty of room just to get on with it and be watered on the automatic system daily.

We have only grown this once before in a pot and it was not a success. So hopefully it will be better this year and we will have plenty in the autumn. 

We actually only ordered 6 but somehow it got duplicated and they did not want them returned.

Probably keep 3 for our eldest son who has just taken on his own allotment. We are delighted that he can follow in his parents footsteps and become a grower and show his 2 year old daughter things. Only problem being he has a bit of a phobia about worms. She may have to help daddy there.


  1. My slips are getting bigger by the day. Mother sweet potato is sprouting more and more each day. They'll be going in a bed in the greenhouse soon.

  2. I want to grow sweet potatoes also, I like the pretty leaves.I too have a phobia of worms...feel very silly as Im 52 ! But whenever Im digging and one appears I go cold, scream and make a run for it

  3. I'm with your son, I don't like worms, but realise they do a wonderful job, I am always asking hubby to rescue works and put them back on the soil.



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